Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brunch in the city: Effy's Cafe (Manhattan)

Note: French version is on my other food blog: La cuisine de Babeth

A week ago I was in New-York visiting Mathieu, my husband. Yes we are living far away from each other. He is finishing his MBA and I am in France, Antibes (right on the French Riviera) waiting for a legal US work permit.
I spend a 3-day week-end in New-York and we enjoyed touristic stuffs, time spent with each other and some very New-York experiences.
In this post I want to write about a very nice cafe where we had brunch and coffee (coffee for me, I cannot live and even talk in the morning without my coffee joint), this cafe was perfect for us:
- it has outdoor tables
- very good coffee (my favorite is the cafe au lait)
- wonderful bagels
- salads and omelettes, must have for a brunch
- pricing is reasonable
- and it's recommended by Zagat

I just didn't like their cookies, not baked enough for me too much dough like.

Effy's Cafe
American, Mediterranean Style
1638 3rd avenue
(between 91st & 92nd )


Mathieu said...

Effy's a great place on the Upper East Side! Chaotic and good like any French Cafe...

I'll try to get you a pic of the place so you have something better than the check to show ;-)

Mathieu said...

And for anyone wondering, Effy's font is "Curlz MT". We know cause we used this font for our wedding's menu this summer... What were the odds of that???

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