Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For a good cause; breast cancer awareness

After a while I'm back here on "La vie in English".
Today no recipes but many pink recipes and for a good cause: to help an association that is helping women with breast cancer.
The recipes are in an e-book you can download by clicking on the pink label flashing on top of this post. The download of the e-cook book is free and legal, and every time someone is downloading it Roche (the pharmaceutical lab) agreed to donate 1 Euro to the French association: "Cancer du sein, parlons-en"
You can find my very small contribution to it page 80.
I'm sorry the cookbook is in French but I am volunteering to translate -on demand- recipes you want. You just need to email me and but patient ... (I have a daytime job which doesn't involve cooking or food talks)

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