Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nice surprise: the mailman delivered a cook-book

I'm very pleased to present you the gift I found this morning in a nice colorful yellow and red envelope: a desert cookbook. Ok people it's in French but I am very happy like a kid unwrapping a birthday package.
A blogger fellow of mine Isa launch a nice game through what we call here, in France, "la blogosphère" (meaning the blog community): sending a cookbook to a fellow blogger she picked and on the nice gesture receiving back one from a surprise fellow food blogger. She named her name Ze BlogBook. -Ze because as you know in France we do have trouble with the prononciation of: THE :-)
The mysterious sender is Lucyna blogging on Zapbook.
I'm not sure how she discovered my sweet tooth :-) may be, I just say may be -look at my angel smile- she read my French blog "La cuisine de Babeth" which features a loooot of sweet treats.
I just browsed through it but it look very well done with desserts for each seasons. Stay tuned for live tests of those recipes!

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