Monday, October 15, 2007

[Pink ribbon] beet mousse

Note: the French version of this recipe is here on my other food blog.

Fall is the season for Breast Cancer awareness, in France we' re having " la chaine rose" an e-cookbook realized by bloggers with only pink recipes. You can download it from the pink flashing widget on top of this post (see my previous post).

And while reading food blogs in English I realized that Couture Cupcakes is having a pink recipe contest. I wanted to be part of it because breast cancer is running in my family and in my entourage, also I got really scared last year when my doctor send me to do a mammography and a biopsy because I have some solid -alien- stuffs inside my breasts. Thanks God it's not malicious, but I still need to check with doctors every other years.

But I didn't want to use the same recipe as the one I used while participating of the French e-cookbook (if you' re curious see page 80 of it) so I dig into the recipes I have and already took pictures of (did not have enough time to create a brand new recipe). And Eureka! my beet mousse is pink and one of my favorite dip mousse.

Here a very fresh and original recipe.With this red dipping sauce you will bluff your guests I promise! And the good part is that it's a very light dip (much lighter than tapenade(olive paste made here in South of France and very popular for "Apéro") for instance).


- 2 beautiful red beets already cooked
- 1 generous table spoon with of dairy fresh cream
- 1 onion
- olive oil (e.v.o.o as would say Rachel Ray)
- 4 basil sheets
- salt and pepper


1- Cut the onion and cook it with olive oil in a pan.

2- In the food processor: put the beets, cooked onion, the cream, the basil, 1 table spoon of olive oil, salt and pepper

3- Et voilà c'est prét! Enjoy the dipping!

Bon appétit !!

Note: the French version of this recipe is here.


Elra said...

I know that feeling exactly. I was sent to do mammogram when I was turning 40, This year will be my 3rd. I always get nervous whe the time is come, thank goodness, so far everything is well. I hope that you do too, always in a good health.

Babeth said...

Thanks for your warm message. I'm fine no cancer, but I need to get check every 2 or 3 years even if I'm only in my 30s. Thanks God you're in good health and I wish you to stay healthy!

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