Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Squash season, cream Hakkaido squash soup

Note: For the French version it' s on my French blog: " La cuisine de Babeth"

It's fall season and I love it! All the warm colors: the vibrant red and orange warm up our mind and spirit while the weather is starting to become chilly. It's the perfect time to become a child again (if you were ever a grown-up anyway) and run into the falling leaves.

At this time of the year, near Halloween I always got nostalgic of my years in California where at every single cross sections pumpkins patches open, and all homes are decorated with carved pumpkins.

While visiting my parents in the Northern-West part of France, I went to help my mother to get her weekly AMAP basket. AMAP (Association pour le maintien de l' agriculture paysanne) is a French nationwide association promoting sustainable organic agriculture. My parents are members and each week they got a basket full of organic vegetables grown nearby so no outrageous amount of gas are used (because everything is coming from not too far away of consumers' homes). In her basket my mom got carrots, leaks, cauliflower, spinach and lovely orange Hokkaido squash ("potimarron").

The squash was decorating my parents' kitchen beautifully until I transformed it into cream soup ("velouté" ). The recipe I' ve created is a tasty vegetarian recipe with an Asian twist to it (coconut milk added).

- 1 Hokkaido squashes (about 2kg)
- 2 leaks
- 2 spoons of powered ginger
- 30 seeds of coriander
- 2 liters of water
- 5 spoons of corn starch (in France we call it Maizena)
- 200ml of coconut milk (about half of a can)

1- Remove the seeds and the heart of the squashes. Our squashes were organic so no need to peel them, just clean them. Cut into pieces the squashes.
2- Clean and cut the leaks.
3- In a pot combine the squashes, leaks, ginger and coriander. Sprinkle with the corn starch.
4- Add the boiling water.
5- When in the pot it's boiling again, cover with the pot lid and let it cook for 30 minutes at medium heat.
6- Scoop out the mix then add the coconut milk to the food processor.

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Note: For the French version it' s on my French blog: " La cuisine de Babeth"


David said...

Lovely soup! And remercie for the link to the organic vegetable organization...

Babeth said...

you're more than welcome David!

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