Friday, November 9, 2007

New discovery at the farmers market: chayote

Note: for the French version it's here!

On Saturday I was strolling down the farmers market, market installed just down my building. I must say that it' s pretty convenient, but really noisy and not good for sleeping late. I was daydreaming when a weird flashy-green thing came across. I immediately came back from my dream and ask the old farmer what that green stuff was. He simply and nicely replied to me "It's a chayote and it’s very yummy sautéed". I wouldn’t have lost my savings buying the greeny stuff - for one the old guy was asking for 75 cents (of euros but still not expensive).
So I tried my luck and bought one. The old farmer gave on more advice (just like in a movie) " to peel it effortlessly cut it into quarters and then peel it".

So I was back at home with my usual basket loaded with organic tomatoes, rucola, zucchini and one chayote. In front of the chayote with a knife in one hand I was thinking "à quelle sauce" (just meaning: how) I would eat it. I prepared it with eggplants, bell peppers and extra virgin oil (e.v.o.o as on TV star would say) and Provence herbs.
Review: When I cut it it was firm and crunchy and watery, and for the taste: well not really pronounced.

Apparently in La Réunion they prepare chayote it in cakes. I would try again for sure but into a cake preparation.

Note: for the French version it's here!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love chayotes! This fruit is extremely delicious when it is stir-fried with oyster sauce and soy sauce...



Babeth said...

Oh thanks Rosa I will try your soy sauce or oyster sauce! thanks for the tip.

Jane said...

I love chayotes! I put a recipe for a type of chayotes au gratin that I find very delicious. The vender told me to cook them like potatoes, so I did!

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