Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brad Pitt' s Christmas wish!

(Today Show, NBC picture)

Oh, I hear you even from my screen, not again she skipped the recipe! Yes but I promise, tomorrow I will publish a great one, a so-typically French one!
Anyway let's come back to our raviolis.
What is Brad Pitt's Christmas wish hum?
Well the guy, quite a normal guy (LOL) is part of a great and generous charitable project: the Make It Right project (see the web site here). And on his Christmas list there is: a home for everybody in New Orleans!

You can, like me, watch Brad chatting with Ann Curry on yesterday Today Show (video here).
If you are still here, and did not rush to watch Bradddddddddddd :-) the Make it Right project is to rebuild in a devastated area: New Orleans (remember Katrina and what happened to New Orleans? The city underwater, people in shelters or in the streets with no water, no food).

The MIR project is to build green affordable houses in New-Orleans. They even thought about new possible flooding and houses will be built on piles.
On the MIR project web site you can visit a virtual house that will be built in NoLa.
It's Christmas time so why not to donate a little, there is no minimum and what I really like it that you can while visiting the virtual house donate for a compact fluorescent bulb ($5), or a rooftop solar system or even adopt a house i.e. buy the full house.
Merry Christmas!

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