Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu for Hope IV

Note: French version of this post here on my other food blog La cuisine de Babeth.

You may not be familiar with menu for hope even if this is the fourth edition :-)
Menu for Hope is an annual fund raising event in support of the UN World Food Program. One wonderful blogger is behind all this charitable movement: Pim. She's blogging in English from Chez Pim. The devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia inspired her to find a way to help

Each year, food bloggers from all over the world join forces to host the Menu for Hope online offering an array of delectable culinary prizes: books, cooking gears or cooking dates. For every US$10, the donor receive a virtual raffle ticket toward a prize of their choice. All you need is $10 and a bit of luck.

As Pim says:" We may never eradicate hunger from the face of the earth, but why should that stop us from trying?"

This year as usual also the money will be given to the UN' s Worl Food Programme and in particular Lesotho children.

Here in Europe menu for hope is managed by Fanny from the lovely Foofbeam blog. She centralized all the info.

Ok, and you may say what is Babeth offering? Well, I'm offering a lunch date with me at Café Lenôtre in Cannes (Lenôtre is one of best pastry in France). If you' re living in the area or I'm sure you may plan a trip to the French Riviera (you know we just kidnapped the sun: is always shinning). See at the end of this post how you can win a lunch date with me in Cannes :-)

To bid and win go to: firstgiving web site here and my code prize is" EU28.
Winners will be announced the 9th of January on Pim' s blog.

Hope we all participate a little to help a lot!


Anonymous said...

sandra for Menu for Hope IV
I love Cannes and I love french!!
And I love your prize!

Babeth said...

thanks Sandra! Hope to meet you her in South of France!

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