Monday, December 3, 2007

Plastic is not eco-friendly!

Note: The French version of this post is here.

Today on our blog-plate no recipe but some exposure for some great and smart eco-friendly products that I love! I'm doing it for free; I'm not paid and will not receive any free gifts, not even a diner with Bruce Willis :-). I just love their products, smart and eco-friendly!
Are you, like me fed up by all the plastics cups coming out of your company coffee machine? Plastic cups that are going straight to the trash.
Are you, like me sick of all the plastic plates/forks/spoons/cups that you put into the trashcan after a BBQ/party or picnic?

Well my friend I found the solution: BIOSYLVA products! (Ok their web-page is only in French but you can contact them or me to have more info)
Biosylva plates/cups and silverware are disposable like your red or blue plastic cups but are not made from oil and are not taking centuries to disappear! They are 100% compostable, on other great aspect of Biosylva: the company respect eco-friendly processes.
And my dear friends it's not more expensive than plastic! How great is that?

Now let's have a look at their products:

Palm tree wood plates:

Sugar cane plates, bowls and cups (can you believe it: sugar cane plates! and they can go into the microwave! no it's not Sci-Fi):

Cellulose cups (organic cellulose):

So if you're like their products as much I love them why not talking about them at work, asking your favorite store to register them.
To contact them go to their web site: BIOSYLVA

Note: The French version of this post is here.


Katy said...

sugar cane plates! wow, i've never heard of anything like that. sounds yummy :-)

Ty said...

I am interested in finding some eco-friendly serving options for my graduation party and i would love to get some of these, especially if they are the same price as conventional! but i do not speak french, unfortunately. If you could help me out with this, i would be very grateful. also, if there is a way you could hide my email, that would be good :)

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