Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best Italian in Antibes!

Note: French version of this post is here on my other food blog.

Just around the corner there's a small Italian bistro with a nice "Boho" ambiance. None of the chairs or tables there are the same, but all from antic stores. You can see the owner, a petite Italian woman, driving around her Sunday ice-cream color Vespa. Her cute, truly Italian, accent has note of Italian vacations.
Once in a while I cross the street and go for diner with friend there. We're always delighted: food is so good and pricing is reasonable.

No pizza on the menu but pasta and meat. The special, not always written on the blackboard menu list, is a must have! Cold veal and tuna with mayonnaise, vitello e tuna to named it. If it's not on the menu it's worth to ask for it.

Below the business card of Mamalu restaurant and a picture of vitello e tuna dish.

French version of this post is here.

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