Friday, January 11, 2008

Chocolate custard pudding recipe

Note: the French version is here on La cuisine de Babeth my other food blog.

First excuse the poor quality of the picture. Weather is so gloomy here in Antibes that lighting is bad at any time of the day. Please give me back my sunshine! Being in France maybe I should go on strike to get it back! :-)

Being green (or is it blue now?), I don't like over packaging so I've been meaning to stop buying puddings and make my own: produces less waste, it's empowering and taste much better!
In France those " La Laitiere" type of puddings come in little glass pots. So even better than recycling them I collected and re-used them.

Ingredients: (for about 8 little glass pots)
- 1 cup of milk (partly skimmed)
- 1 cup of dairy cream (15% fat)
- 6 oz (half a pack) of semi-sweet baking chocolate chips
- 4 yolks
- 3 oz of sugar

1- Boil the mix of cream and milk.
2- Stir the yolks and the sugar together till the mix is whitening.
3- Add the boiled liquids, don't stop to stir.
4- Add the chocolate chips, don't stop to stir. The heat of the mix will melt them.
5- Pour in each pots the mix.
6- Cook for 10minutes in a bain-marie.
7- Cool quickly in a ice-cube filled bowl.
8- Let rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Comments: those puddings are very sugary, you may want to reduce the quantity of sugar in your preparation. Also don't hesitate to leave them longer in the bain-marie (double-boiler).

Note: the French version is here.


Anonymous said...

So cute those little custard pudding! I love it, love it!!

Barbara said...

Please, can you tell me the name of the maker of the pot de creme jars? I believe that yoghurt is put up in them in France, and I would like to discover the brand. I would very much like to have the jars! Thank you in advance!

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