Sunday, January 27, 2008

Help beat sarcoma!

Note: the French version of this post is here.

Well today no recipes on our plate, but let's talk about a more serious subject: sarcoma. Sarcoma are very rare cancers. Unfortunately when we say rare for a disease, we all know that it's also means less researches and exposure.

I got to know sarcoma few weeks ago, one of my friends Nat just replied to my Happy New Year email with that line: for more news check I did check that web site and that when and where I learned that she has cancer, sarcoma. I was deeply sad . I don't know what is happening but she is the second friends of mine, in their thirties, who is telling me since 01/01/2008 that they have cancer.

I read a lot about sarcoma, I must admit that this word was new to me.

I met Nat few years ago in California, in the Silicon Valley. It's a great place to live and to meet people, it's even easier when you're a foreigner to meet other foreigners. And also we share a very special link: she was the first one to save a small abandoned fury animal, animal that is now living on my sofa!

While reading Nat's blog I was happy to discover that she was not giving up, she created a public charity:, she put in place a donation system that benefits Stanford's researches and participate to a tv show to raise the awareness about sarcoma and how to save fertility after cancer.

Oh and not to forget, if you're in San Francisco area participate to BeatSarcoma 5K Fun run race. The race starts at the Golden Gate.

Note: the French version of this post is here.

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