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Guest post: Husband in the kitchen

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Guest post: Husband in the kitchen

Babeth's message:
Today, my guy takes care of the cooking. For the Chinese New Year, he proposes a wok chicken ginger stir fry!

As you can imagine, living with a food blogger is truly a delight, menus don't get boring and we talk a lot about food, tastes and techniques. Perhaps the only downside is that we sometimes eat cold because we have to take so many pictures before we can actually eat! ;-) But it's for a good cause...
Nevertheless, I do have a couple of cooking skills of my own. As some may know, I am from Quebec, a land of potatoes and meat pies which also offers a surprisingly good variety of international products. I guess it's a side effect of having such a short history (when compared to Europe or Asia): we imported and integrated a lot of culinary tastes from abroad. My family was no exception and for some unknown reason, wok-cooking was quite popular at home when I was younger. It stuck with me and since I'm a guy, it's also a good fit because it's straightforward cooking: throw everything in the wok, stir, serve. More or less.
Before diving in with the recipe, a few key points on cooking with a wok:
Asian cuisine works on colors: choose colorful ingredients
Asian cuisine works on textures: choose only crunchy veggies and don't overcook them! NO tomatoes and NO squishy squashes.
Asian cuisine is about proportions: Dice all the ingredients in similar size servings. It'll be easier to eat with sticks and easier to achieve even cooking and keep those veggies crunchy and firm.
It's called a stir fry: everything should fry in a small amount of oil in the wok.
So without further ado, here's the basic chicken ginger wok stir-fry:


1/4 pound chicken breast
Half yellow pepper
Half red pepper
10 snap peas
A handful of peanuts or cashews
Ginger (fresh if possible)
1 Garlic pod
sunflower oil + (optional) nut oil
1 floz soy sauce
3.5 oz of asian dry noodles:

Pre-cooking prep:
Soak the noodles in cold water for 2 minutes, then boil then for 2 minutes.
Drain and set aside.
Cut the chicken and vegetables in similar sized pieces slice the garlic.

Pre-heat the sunflower oil in the wok for a couple minutes at med-high. Add a few drops of nut oil to add taste.
Add the chicken, garlic and grated ginger.
Fry the chicken for a 5 minutes until brown.
Remove and set aside.
Add some more oil in the wok and let warm for a minute
Add all the diced vegetables
Add the peanuts
add half the soy sauce (~2 floz)
stir-fry for 5 minutes. The key word here is stir...
Add back the chicken and the noodles
Add the remaining half of soy sauce ( 2 floz)
Mix and cook for 3 minutes

Serve and enjoy!

Asian grocery shopping in Antibes:

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