Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heidi's crackers

Note: French version is on my other food blog La cuisine de Babeth

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Do you know Heidi and her 101 cookbooks? She's the Californian woman behind 101cookbooks.com blog. She's sharing with her readers very original and healthy recipes and stunning pictures.
I must recommend her poppy seeds pancakes, they're not FDA approved but they're Mathieu approved, it's even better. I didn't have buttermilk (kind of tricky to find here in France) so I replace it with a plain yogurt and half of the proportion of the buttermilk by regular milk.

At the beginning of the year I bought on amazon her book: Super natural cooking, a great bible for organic cooking with a twist.

I want to share on jewel of her book: her animal crackers, with my twists.
-Japanese crackers
-Provence crackers
- and sweet versions

-1 package of won-ton skins wrappers
-1 egg
-1 big spoon of heavy cream
-cookies cutters

1- Combine the egg and cream in a bowl.
2- Cut the won-ton wrappers with the cookies cutters.
3- Place them onto a parchment sheet.
4- Brush them with thin glaze of the egg mixture.
5- Bake for 5 to 8 minutes at 350F.

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Brilynn said...

I have this book and think it's beautiful but haven't cooked much from it, I'll have to give these a try!

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