Thursday, February 14, 2008

I was tagged, 6 frivolous things about me

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At lunch time I received an email from my friend Anne, she tagged me.
"tagging" in blog-world dictionary is a friendly invitation to reveal 6 small things about yourself.

Here the great 6:

1- Without my black coffee in the morning, no sugar, I'm not fully with the other human beings.

2- I don't like to do the dishes, and our apartment is to small to have a dishwasher.

3- Insects scare me.

4- I looooooove chocolate.

5- I have more than 10 nail polish bottles in my fridge.

6- Laying on the beach bores me ... too bad I'm living at walking distance to sand beaches.

Here the people I'm tagging:
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Fanny: Foodbeam
Loukoum: Beau à la louche
Rosa: Rosa's Yummy Yums
Lolotte: Le blog-notes de Lolotte
Stella: Stella de la Rhune


davidL said...

I'll trade your sunny beach for the grisaille of Paris!

Babeth said...

Hi David!
Well why not ;-)) BTW we are going to Paris the last week-end of Feb. would be great to go for a coffee or a" escurtion gourmande" :-)

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