Friday, March 7, 2008

Cabbages wedding between Roma and Bruxelles

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As promise I'm proud to announce the comeback of Brussels sprouts on this blog. This time our tiny veggie teams up with a very chic fellow: Romanesco broccoli.

This vibrant bright green veggie with its spiral pattern is the living proof of fractals just like snow flakes.
It makes very classy decorations in a plate and its smooth texture is like silk in your palate.
Here a sauteed veggies' wedding:

Ingredients: (serving 2)
-1 cup of basmati rice
-miso broth
-1/2 cup of lardons (bacon bits)
-1/2 Romanesco broccoli
- 6 Brussels sprouts
-Brussels sprouts
1- Bring water + miso broth to boil. Add the rice.
2- Wash the veggies, trim their ends and remove the yellow leaves. Quarter them.
3- Cooked the lardons in a pan. Set aside.
4- 5 minutes before the end of rice cooking time add the veggies to the water.
6- Drain the water.
7- Sauteed the rice+veggies with the lardons in a pan for few minutes. The rice will become a bit crunchy.

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