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Easter chump lamb with rosemary and roasted potatoes

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I wish you all an happy Easter! We had a pretty classical Easter Sunday: our day started at the farmers market, then a visit to our butcher and baker. We went really early (that may not be early for you but for us it was) in order to be ready for 11 o'clock Easter mass. And today no way to be late for mass. In France it's quite a tradition to be late at mass, except for my Grand-Dad but he was in the Army so he's never ever late, a way of life. We even planned to arrive a bit early. On regular Sundays in churches all over France, even when really late you can still get a seats but not so for Christmas or Easter where you are quite likely to be left standing. Our church doesn't waive to that principle. Before we left for church I had time to prepare our dessert: a cinnamon apple pie.

When we got back we didn't waste any time. We peeled and cut the potatoes, potatoes with a charming name: Mona Lisa potatoes. We laid the table with the fine china and crystal glasses we received as wedding gifts. Granted, with porcelain you have to do the dishes by hand, but who cares? Not us: we don't own a dishwasher anyway! On our menu: chump lamb with fresh rosemary. Rosemary supplied by my favorite truck farmer. She only sells organic products. If you stop by Antibes' farmers market you can pay her a visit and in the summer she will be happy to explain to you how she fight against vermin with insects only. Not bad!

After the main dish and the apple pie, each other we had a chocolate cocotte (hen). Chocolate eggs hunting is a classical activity for kids in France on Easter Sunday. I bought during the week our Easter chocolate at the best chocolate shop in Antibes: Le Pralin ( 7 bd Albert 1er 06600 ANTIBES).

Easter chump lamb with rosemary and roasted potatoes

Ingredients: (for 2)
-chump lamb prepared by your favorite butcher
-3 to 4 potatoes
-1 young onion
-1 fresh rosemary branch
-salt and pepper

1- Peel and cut the potatoes. Peel the first layer of the onion and slice it thinly.
2- In a lasagna dish dispose some pieces of butter, then in the middle place the lamb. All around dispose the slices of potatoes and onions.
3- Sprinkles the rosemary, salt and pepper.
4- Place in the oven at350F , 20 minutes per pound.

Note: we served that dish with fresh green beans.

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