Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Husband in the kitchen: Apple Tarte Tatin

Note: French version is on my other food blog La cuisine de Babeth

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As far as guys go, I am pretty average when it comes to the kitchen: I don't cook a lot and I keep it simple. I have few specialties and I tend to do them over and over. One of these is Tarte Tatin, the reversed-caramel-apple-pie.
When I moved in with Babeth, I moved my tools, my snowboard and my pile of useless electronics as any self-respecting guy would. But I also contributed a Tarte Tatin pan to the household. As I was sharing a house before, I didn't have much in terms of cooking ware, no pots, no skillets, but I had a Tatin pan. Go figure.
So here it is: the delicious yet simple Tarte Tatin recipe!

- 5 big Apples (I like the "Pink Lady" type because they don't disintegrate in the pie, "Golden Delicious" are also great)
- 5 oz Butter
- 6 oz Sugar
- 7 oz of puff pastry/pie crust
- You'll also need a high-rise frying pan which goes on stove tops and in the oven.

- Peel and cut the apples in 1/8th quarters. Set aside.
- In the Tatin Pan, melt the butter and add the sugar
- Cook together at med-high until it turns into a brown caramel. Don't overcook.
- Remove from the heat
- Add the cut apples clockwise in the sugar, then fill the middle and any hole as much as possible.
- Cook together on the stove top at med-high for 5 minutes. Only half-cook the apples for now.
- Preheat the oven at 375F (190 C)
- Put some flour on your counter and roll the pie crust until it is round and about the size of the pan
- Remove the pan from the heat.
- Place the crust inside the pan, covering the apples and extending out to the edge of the pan. Fold over or cut out any excess crust.
- Cook for 8-10 minutes until the crust turns golden and crispy.

Reversing the pie:
- While the pie is still hot, place a wide and flat plate over the pan and quickly turn it around to un-mold the pie. Don't wait for the pie to cool down!


Lolotte said...

I love this dessert but I am far from cooking such a nice one! (no need for "pie" after "tarte tatin";-)
Well done to your hubby!

Babeth said...

Thanks Lolotte! and thanks for the wording issue :-)

Fabienne said...

Il est très doué ...

BCTest said...
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Mathieu said...

Sorry... the "pie" was of my doing, wanted to have another meaningful meta-tag.

What other dessert/dish should I now try to please my lovely wife?

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