Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making-off my first cooking video!

Note: French version is on my other food blog La cuisine de Babeth

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At the end of February I was invited to shoot a video clip, no not for the new rap music royalty but to prepare a recipe with the author of it in front of a camera. The video is part of a mini-serie for marmiton the first recipes directory in French. I used to browse trough it to find French classical recipes while I was living in California. So on February 23rd I jumped into my private jet, en route to Paris. The crew was really delightful, super pro and at the same time relaxed, no stress. I even at the chance to discuss photography, leica cameras and white balance with them.

We were 8 in a Parisian apartment transformed for the occasion into a movie set. 1 journalist Cyril (the guy in the black shirt), the cookbook author, 4 cameramen and 2 normal girls Marie and me. I was thrilled to be there and very curious to see the other side of the picture.
We spent 3 hours in that movie set kitchen for a 3 minutes 49 video clip, oh boy: c'est la vie!

Here the recipe featured in the clip, from the book: Snacking: Grilled marinated shrimps
Ingredients: ( serving 4)
-20 large shrimps, peeled, deveined with tails attached
-1 lemongrass stick
-2g (about 1 tbs) coriander seeds
-2g (about 1 tbs) cumin seeds
-1 lime
-2 spoons of cooking oil (sunflower oil for example)
-2 tbs of powered coriander
-2 tbs of sugar
-2 tbs of nuoc mam (fish sauce)

Directions: (marinated time:2h)
1-Trim, wash and cut the lemongrass. In a mortar: mix altogether the lemongrass and the cumin and coriander seeds.
2- In a mixing bowl mix the powered realized with the lime juice, cooking oil, sugar, nuoc mam and some pepper.
3- Place the shrimps into the marinade. Cover and place into the fridge for at least 2 hours.
3- Remove from the fridge, grill them for 2 or 3 minutes each side.


Fabienne said...

Félicitations pour cette vidéo ...

Babeth said...

Merci Fabienne :-)

Katy said...

how cool!!! i'm very impressed!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

What fun to see you in the video! I would have loved to be there.

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