Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poets' liquor

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Poets' liquor is back on the shelves. I 'm talking about absinthe, the beautiful and ever-changing green color alcohol beverage that was very popular back in the 19th century.
Painters, poets and writers were looking for inspiration with help of Absinthe fairy lady.
Absinthe by Degas:

The liquor was banned and surrounded by a lot of beliefs. It's supposed to be mysterious and addictive and mind blinder, but today with modern techniques the liquor is safe to drink -in moderation, but like any alcoholic beverages.

What I really like is all the ceremonials around and the vintage touch of it. You need to have a special spoon and it's better to have the right glass and a little water fountain. You put the spoon on top of the glass with a sugar on it. You pour slowly water to the absinthe through the sugar. The liquid will change color.

Oscar Wilde was an absinthe drinker and once said:
“Absinthe has a wonderful colour, green. A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?”

In Antibes there's a great bar à absinthe, rue Sade in the old village near the farmer market.
In Paris, in Le Marais I found a cute shop where they sell everything related to Absinthe, time stopped in this boutique: the clerk is dressed just like Impressionists painters were. Great time machine!

Ands on internet there a great vendor named "Buy Absinthe", they carry all different type of great brands like Versinthe, you can choose from a green one to a white one (to order Absinthe it's here).They even have all the accessories: the spoon , the glass and the fountain:
Check out Absinthe blog!

Here some history of the poets' liquor onto their web site.

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