Friday, April 4, 2008

Carrot and turnip pork roast

Note: French version is on my other food blog La cuisine de Babeth

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A few weeks ago we spent a lovely week-end in Paris at our friends Rico and Frida's place. Rico and Frida are just nicknames, I cannot tell you their real names because bounty hunters are after them! Their crime, if it's one, too much kindness!

Our Parisian week-end program: a bike rid in Montmartre district using the wonderful velib' service, a play, a visit to Paris' flea market and the Sunday roast. If you had read my post in French I named the recipe The Z' roast, an obscure reference to the time Rico and me spent preparing University entry exams together.

His pork roast was splendid, moist, tasteful and the veggies were literally melting in the mouth.

- pork roast
- 4 big carrots
- 2 turnips (the smaller they are the tender they are)
- sunflower oil
- pepper seeds
- kosher salt
- 2 bay leaves
- white wine

1- Peel and thinly cut the veggies.
2- Heat some sunflower oil in a cast-iron pot and smash 3 to 4 pepper seeds into it.
3- When the oil is hot roast for few minutes both sides of the meat. When golden add the veggies, bay leaves, salt and cover with liquid (wine or water if you prefer). Cover.
4- Cook for an hour at medium heat.

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