Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scoop: scook!

Note: French version is on La cuisine de Babeth
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When the only 3-star woman chef opens her very own cooking school it's a mouth watering promise. At the program: being a chef for one night: a one-and-one lesson with a real chef to prepare a feast for your friends. How yummy is that?
For more go to scook web site

243 avenue Victor Hugo
26000 Valence

Picture: Jeff Nalin


Tiuscha said...

I talk about the cooking school about 2 months ago and I'd love to take a lesson there !

Babeth said...

I would love too to take a private lesson at scook!

Denise and Laudalino said...

Bonjour Babeth,

Greetings from San Francisco.

Thanks for visiting our blog on Foodbuzz. Went through both your English version and French - great stuff on both. I want to make your Easter Lamb dish as well as the Pork Tenderloin, beautiful!

Enjoy France - we love it there and are dying to get back!

Come dine with us soon!

Babeth said...

Thanks so much Denise and Laudalino! I miss so much CA.

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