Thursday, June 12, 2008


Note: French version is on La cuisine de Babeth
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Misfortune never comes alone, we got robbed in Antibes, even with my husband in town, at home.
They took among other things my beloved reflex camera and its lenses ...


Elra said...

I am so sorry! Is robbery happen a lot in France? I have good friends come from Alsace, she said it is not save now days in France. You have to lock all of you doors and windows. She said it is a lot saver in the U.S, especially here in our neighborhood. People still don't really lock their home, even if they are not at home.

It is scary to know that they actually rob your house when your husband at home. Hope you are okay, the camera that they took, hope that is not the only camera you have. I am so sorry!

Babeth said...

Thank you so much Elra for your warm message. I remember when I was living in the bay area I could left my cabrio all open with the radio, mp3 and other stuff inside with no worries ...
They took 2 cameras but I had a small one in my purse;-)

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