Monday, June 16, 2008

I met true angels!

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Life is surprising in many ways. As you know I'm going through a rough time, my home was burglarized. The worst is not that they took some of our belongings but the aggression is more that someone went through our stuff than replaceable things (and Thanks God the cat is still there and healthy/lazy).
My facebook profil that day was telling out loud the robbery.
Valerie one of my friend asked me if that was the truth or a coded message for someone. Unfortunatly that was the naked truth ... and that day I was far away from home and scared that they would come back so Valerie suggested that one of her friend and employee should come and camp at my place. I didn't know her friend and that girl was willing to travel by train few hours just to babysit my home. Whouhaha that's a free gentle gift! I really deeply appreciate.

You may know Valerie as she is a well known coach. She developed a unique weight-loss program known in France as and in the English speaking world as She's on top of that a business coach.
As she never stops, she's also the author of many coaching bookings.

And to mimicker Marion Cotillard at the Oscar: "Angels do really exist!"


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm awfully sorry to hear that... Yes, there are angels all around us!



Elra said...

I do hope that you'll get over your fear soon. And yes, like Rosa said "there are angels all around us"

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