Monday, July 7, 2008

Zoe still missing

Note: French version is on La cuisine de Babeth
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My kitty Zoe escaped and we are not able to find her.

If you happen to be in Antibes and saw her,she's just like on the picture:
gray, mellow and also afraid of everything and wears a red plastic necklace. She has no tatoo but a chip under her skin (actually 2 chips one for France and the Californian one not readable here in EU.
Could you please bring her to Jeff at Antibes Gendarmerie, or if you cannot captured her just let the gendarme at the Gendarmerie's gate (poste de garde) where you saw her (just ask for Jean-Francois aka Jeff, my friend where I left her waiting for a place to stay).
Gendarmerie: 2 r Gén Vandenberg 06600 ANTIBES

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