Sunday, August 3, 2008

One of my recipe in video !

I will be quick today, we are in an hotel in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands where 2 of our friends just got married.

But I have a breaking news :-) I did shoot a video few weeks ago and my work is now on line. You can even vote for me on cuisinestudio.

You need to register (if you don't live in France just put Paris as your hometown, zip code 75000)


For those of you who don't speak French and would like to trip this fresh an original dip, the recipe in English was featured a while ago on La vie in English for "pink ribbon, breast cancer awareness" last year. Just follow the link here.

BABETH - CUISINE studio tv
Vidéo envoyée par cuisinestudio2

Babeth et la mousse de betterave rouge et sa farandole à dipper.

Retrouvez et votez pour d'autres recettes sur

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Elra said...

I really want to vote for you! Absolutely! I have to figure out how, I might need my friend's (she's french) help. You are super cute!!!! Recipe sound very exotic (something to do with the language, I guess) so refreshing and look so delice!

Babeth said...

Thanks so much Elra!! Thanks for being so kind and being such a fan :-)
The recipe in English is here:
I should add it to my post for the non-French speaking readers.

white on rice couple said...

OMG!! You look fantastic!! So professional and beautiful!
I'm really soooo excited for you! Hope to see more video's of you cooking babeth!!
I understand very little French, but I could just sit and listen to you for hours!

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