Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eclair cake operation

French version of this post is here La cuisine de Babeth, my French food blog.

I'm finally back after long weeks of silence. Our move took more time than expected.
I did break the silence this summer to share with you my second cooking video.
Now I'm 200% back online, thanks to internet that found the way to my new home. That's great to be back into the modern world :-)

I wanted to start again blogging with an eye candy post.
It's only in Paris and it's a super chic event: at Fauchon pâtisserie (located in one of the most posh and select arrondissement) they will sell only éclairs during the 2 coming days. Yes you read me right, on the 5th and 6th of September 2008 Fauchon will reveal 34 éclairs creations, sweet and savory. The big star is the Joconde one. If you're one of the lucky gourmets you will taste a chocolate and almond eclair with the famous glance.

I will be at San Francisco friends' wedding in the French countryside this week-end, so unfortunately I won't be able to bite into those creations.

It will take place at Fauchon's pastry shop
26 place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris

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Elra said...

Hey Babeth,
Welcome back, I am glad that you'll be blogging 200% from now on. Did you say you'll be going to SFO, CA? Please come over to my place if you have a chance.

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