Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quinoa flour muffins for the B-day boy!

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Thursday was Mathieu's birthday and at his work there's a little tradition: the birthday person is the one bringing the cake.
He wanted to bring muffins, and to make those special, to bake them himself. I just supervised him and play the chef in the kitchen " a little bit more of this, a little less of that" :-)
Almost zillions of muffins popped out of the oven, and none came back. Mission accomplished!
A mystery ingredient was added to the classic muffins batter: quinoa flour (easy to find at your favorite organic store). It added a malt taste to them that makes your palate travel to the Incas country.

Quinoa mixed berry muffins (recipe here, just click!)

Chocolate chunk muffins (recipe here, just click!)

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Savory muffins: Brussels sprouts muffins


Elra said...

Happy Birthday to Mathieu!
I am impress! I never made quinoa muffin before, sounds delicious.

Babeth said...

Thanks Elra :-)
You should try quinoa flour it gives a real quick to classic muffins.

miss v said...

quinoa flour, eh? i will definitely have to give these a shot!

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