Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Once upon a time a pumpkin landed into my basket, and it turns not into a coach but into a jack-o-lantern! I have to thanks Mathieu for the hard work. I must say that at first, I was skeptical. For me making a jack-o-lantern is messy, very. We tried with my roommates while living in sunny California. An American friend did a small pumpkin craving workshop for us. But the only things I seem to remember are: it's long, messy and very sticky. So I feared that my kitchen would turn into a gigantic mess, but that was without taking into account Mathieu 15+ years experience of pumpkin craving!

Anyway here the spooky result. And we're ready (we HAVE candies) if trick-or-treaters are coming tonight!

Happy Halloween!

If you want some pumpkins pattern ideas, have a look at Martha Stewart page (link here).

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Elra said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you too, Babeth!
That is so incredible, it does look kind of creepy. Well, I think that's the point right?
I love the last photograph of the creepy smily face... Well done, and oh thanks for the link to Martha Stewart, don't you just like her for all the good thing idea? I know a lot of people don't like her, but I really admire her.

Babeth said...

Thanks Elra :-) Mathieu did a great job craving this pumpkin! It's creepy as it can ;-)
I do love Martha, she has so many great ideas. You know Elra, my Mum could have been the French Martha she's so talented and creative.

Elra said...

Hey, you should ask your mum to write all of her creative ideas in a blog. That will be great, plus she might like it. Have you asked her about this? My mum is very creative as well, but she can't cook though. She makes beautiful embroidery, or anything related to fashion (clothing) and stuff like that. Too bad she is far away across the ocean. If she stayed close by me, I would have helped her to create her own blog.

Babeth said...

Thanks Elra :-) You know you and me we had the same idea. But I going baby steps by baby steps. I already created a domain name for my Mum's blog :
But it's still empty.
With your warm support I think I will now spend some time with her at XMas to help her start. Did I told you that she did my wedding dress, the flower girl's one and her?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Halloween! I love your pumpkin! So cute!



Elra said...

Gosh, Wedding dress? Now that's something to be proud of.
it will be nice to see it on her post, what do you think?
Can't wait to see her post, and let her know that I'll be her regular visitor.

Babeth said...

I will Elra :-)

Thanks Rosa :-)

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