Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brussels sprouts and apples happy together

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God in France we are living a Florida drama 2000 American election! French left wing party were voting to designate their chief and results were 104 votes tied, so they're counting again. I do hope they're not using punched cards to vote ... Chad where are you ? :-)

After a nice week-end spent in Portugal: my friends T and G got married in a lovely hacienda near Lamego, here I am home, in Luxembourg-French country side. We were welcome with a snow storm. Such a chock after a lovely week-end under Indian summer sun.

My mission for today is to have my tires on my car changed. My tiny car needs its winter tires.

As I shouldn't go out with an empty stomach, let me share with you a quick and very unusual recipe inspired by Heidi (101 cookbooks). Thanks to her I made peace with Brussels sprouts last year. Well you may have the same unappealing souvenir of them, yep you had the same boiled ones at your school cafeteria, yeurkkk!

Last year I prepared them as:
- savory muffins
- with Roma cabbages over rice
- red quinoa cassolettes

This year my Brussels sprouts dish is more adventurous, but still tasty!

Ingredients: (party of 2)
- 1 apple (even a wrinkled one)
- half an onion thinly chopped
- 5 hazelnuts shelved
- 8 Brussels sprouts
- grape seeds oil
- salt and pepper

1- Trim the end and remove the first leaves of the Brussels sprouts. Rinse under clear water. Set aside.
2- Peel and cut the apple into small cubes. Set aside.
3- In a large pot put some water to boil. Add the sprouts and let them cook for 10 minutes. Drain and set aside.
4- Warm some oil in a wok or pan. Cook the onion until light golden. Add the apple and Brussels sprouts. Cook for 4 - 5 minutes stirring a couple of time.
5- When cooked add the hazelnuts, salt and pepper to taste.


Elra said...

Hello dear,
I check all of your link and I love the savory muffin idea.
I love brussels sprouts, and the combination of apple and brussel sprouts very intriguing to me. It really sounds delicious.
Btw, I am so sorry that I haven't got any chance to post any recipe for you brunch idea. I will do that after the holiday.

Babeth said...

Thanks a lot for reading me Elra :-) I'm glad that you like my recipes.

I'm very pleased that you plan to participate to "share your Sunday brunches for a good cause"

white on rice couple said...

Wow, how lucky you were to be in Portugal! Can't wait to see your pictures!
I love brussels sprouts and the apples sounds just delicious in with it!

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