Monday, November 3, 2008

Grilled curcuma Jumbo shrimps

Note: French version is on my other food blog: La cuisine de Babeth
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This morning I want to share with you a recipe I posted on my French food blog, La cuisine de Babeth, a week ago. This recipe was posted just before catching a train to Paris where I went to FIAC and a cooking show. I'm not famous enough to have the TGV driver waiting for me when I'm running late, that my lame excuse for the delay to post in English :-)

Thanks God I didn't pay the entrance's ticket to the cooking show (salon cuisinez), because how disappointing it was! It took place at Le Carrousel du Louvre, but they only occupied a third of the space and let no room to navigate easily. There were few cooking classes (all over-booked), not a lot (and I'm being kind!) to sample and booths with stuff to buy (few) ... not to mention the ticket price: 10 euros! You may think that I'm being negative, but I was disappointed! The only great part, frankly, was the people I met. How nice is it to meet in real-life some bloggers I love to read :-)

FIAC was a nice surprise, a lot of eye candies! FIAC is a Contemporary art fair held in the heart of Paris. In Paris during FIAC, French and international actors of the art world suggest you a selection of exhibitions and openings, national museum, Parisian institutions, foundations, art parallel fairs to FIAC.

Visiting FIAC is like visiting a museum where everything is on sale, and where you can take pictures :-) Some of my favorites are: Calder's mobiles and design furniture from the 50s.

Anyway I didn't win the lottery to be able to shop at FIAC so let's go back to our raviolis :-)
This recipe in English is for you my friend Elra (from Elra's baking), even if she already read it in French on La cuisine de Babeth :-) The recipe is from a French cookbook: Ce soir c'est cuisine indienne (Tonight, it's Indian cuisine), I received to test. I must tell you that this one is a keeper! It's super quick, it won't require more time that to cook some rice, and tasty and full of colors!

Grilled curcuma shrimps:
Ingredients: (for 2)
-2 medium size onions
-2 green bell peppers
-2 Tbs of sunflowers oil
-1 small garlic clove
-0.5 lb (250g) fully cooked, peeled and deveined Jumbo shrimps
-1 ts of curcuma
-fresh coriander
-1/2 lemon juiced
-salt and pepper

1- Peel and thinly sliced the onions, cut the green pepper in small slices.
2- In a wok or skillet add a splash of sunflower oil, when the pan is nice and hot reduce the heat to medium, add and cook the onions, green pepper and the garlic crushed with.
3- Saute until the onions are golden, add the shrimps and curcuma. Cook for 10 mins.
4- Remove from heat, add the lemon juice and the thinly sliced coriander.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Deliciously franfrant! Yummy!



Elra said...

Oh dear,
Merci beaucoup, Babeth. It's easy enough to make, so I'll be making this for lunch today. Scrumptious!

davidL said...

j'adore the Prouvé furniture!

Babeth said...

Me to David :-) Unfortunately we are not alone and that's why the prices are skyrocking

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