Saturday, November 1, 2008

My 3rd cooking video, the making-off

Note: French version is on my other food blog: La cuisine de Babeth
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Monday 13th of October I was invited to shoot again, a cooking video in association with Philips small appliances. If I was selected it's because of you my dear readers: THANK YOU! MERCI!

The first video (beet mousse recipe) I shoot for Philips was a solo one, just me and the camera ( and a make-up artist, and few crew members :-) ) but this time I teamed up with Cyril Lignac (a French celebrity TV chef ).

An other big difference: the recipe was not mine but one of Cyril's, and I learned about the recipe itself right in front of the cameras!

The day was a blast and the cherry on top (la cerise sur le gâteau as we say in French): I spent my day with fellow French food bloggers.

For lunch we were invited to the nearby new French bistro owned by Cyril Lignac. The décor is Belle Epoque and the food, apart from being delicious, is typical French bistro style.

le Chardenoux
1 r Jules Vallés 75011 PARIS
tel: 01 43 71 80 89
Map it

Even if I woke up at 5 a.m to catch my TGV, I was late for the group picture. Not to mention that this early departure implies a LOT of work for the make-up artist to made me look alive and not a Zombie :-)

I'm still waiting for the video and unfortunately I don't have any picture of the dish we prepared. But it was delicious and one of those quick recipe to prepare, as I love them.

Calamari a la plancha and curcuma carrots purée:
For the calamari:
-juice of a lemon
-1 garlic clove
-3 fresh basil leaves
-olive oil
-salt, ground pepper
- ground Espelette pepper

1- In a large bowl mix the lemon juice with 1 tbs of olive oil. Add some salt, fresh ground pepper and the garlic crushed. Add the calamari and sprinkle 2 tbs of ground Esplette pepper. It will nicely colored the calamari.
2- On a hot plancha grill the calamari.
3-Serve with a carrots purée seasoned with curcuma.

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Elra said...

As one of your fan, I can say that, I'am so proud of you! I really hope that you'll eventually becoming one of the famous young celebrity chef. I also hope that you'll have a chance to work with all the famous French chef. I can't wait for the video. Hope it will be soon.

Elra said...

I was too excited for you, that I've forgotten to read the recipe.
The recipe sounds really great, though I am not sure about puree carrots, I'm one of those people who will try it first, before say "no, thanks"

Babeth said...

Thanks so much Elra for your warm warm message. It means a lot to me what you're saying :-)

Babeth said...

Elra about the carrots puree the curcuma ( and some butter) make all the difference. And from being a toddler dish it becomes a posh one :-)

Kim - Easy French Food said...

Of course I've been hearing about Cyril - didn't know he was that darn cute as well. So are you though. Good luck with all.

doggybloggy said...

how cool and how fun

Celeste said...

How exciting! I love your blog, Babeth! I just found it through Facebook. I'm planning a trip to France in Feb. 2009...I'm so excited! =)

Babeth said...

Thanks a lot Celeste! If you need some info about tourism in France you can always ask me :-)

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