Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brad Pitt' s Christmas wish!

(Today Show, NBC picture)

Last year, on december 4th, I was talking here about Brad Pitt Christmas wish and about a great non-profit project to help rebuilt New-Orleans: Make it Right project. Unfortunately, New Orleans is not rebuilt yet ... and this wounded city is still waiting for help to recover from Katrina.

Holidays are the time to share great food, give and receive gifts but also a time to think about others in needs. If you're one of my frequent readers you may have notice that I also featured non-profit and causes here (Breast cancer awareness, Menu for Hope, FeelGood Foundation, and help beat sarcoma -> still ongoing operation, I need your help ).

Anyway why let's go back to Brad Pitt's project in New Orleans:
the guy, quite a normal guy (LOL) is part of a great and generous charitable project: the Make It Right project (see the web site here). And on his Christmas list there is: a home for everybody in New Orleans!

You can watch Brad chatting with Ann Curry last year on the Today Show (video here). You can also find some info on here.

The MIR project is to build green affordable houses in New-Orleans. They even thought about new possible flooding and houses will be built on piles.
On the MIR project web site you can visit a virtual house that will be built in NoLa.
It's Christmas time so why not to donate a little, there is no minimum and what I really like it that you can while visiting the virtual house donate for a compact fluorescent bulb ($5), or a rooftop solar system or even adopt a house i.e. buy the full house.
Happy Holidays!

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