Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bonjour 2009! and a 2008 best of

Note: French version is on my other blog: La cuisine de Babeth

I wish you a wonderful and delicious new year!

I wanted to put together a little summary and best of before the end of 2008, but life happens and I didn't get a chance to finish.

But hey it's never to late for a little round up, isn't it? 2008 had ups and downs.

February 2008 was sad, my grand-mother from whom I inherited her vibrant ginger hair color as well as a delicious madeleine recipe, passed away.

We were really unlucky in our last days before moving away from Antibes:
Zoe, our fury friend, escaped and like in a movie she found her way back to "la gendarmerie" :-)
Our apartment got visited. Even if the intruders took only electronics, we felt physically attacked. In this rough time I met true angels.

Our new home sweet home is between Lorraine and Luxembourg, at least for now.

Before jumping to the food posts awards, let me talk about a cause I cherish: help beat sarcoma, an unknown cancer. For that matter I created a blog: , where I'm asking people to help raising awareness about this type of cancer while sharing a memorable edible brunch moment. I'm sad because nobody is participating. Please come and join me!

Here the others causes I supported: here, here , here and here.

2 rant posts: the mailman doesn't like me much and ranting and raving about the pink
Few trips in 2008: London, New-York, The Netherlands, Venice, Munchen, La Mancha and Portugal.

And now the best food related posts:

In 2008 I shot my second and third cooking video.

Best crackers recipe: Heidi's crackers

Best savory dish: 2-gingers maple-glazed salmon

Best soup: soup at Tiffany

Best surprisingly easy recipe: no brainers citrus asparagus

Best of the husband in the kitchen: tarte tatin

Best muffins: mixed berry quinoa muffins

Best restaurant in Antibes: Mamalu

2 best regional recipes tested and approved by Babeth: mochis and flammenkueche


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

An interesting post! All the best for 2009!



Babeth said...

Happy New-Year Rosa :-)

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