Wednesday, January 7, 2009

help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon: first entry: Marie's brownie

Note: French version is on my other blog: La cuisine de Babeth
Rare cancer awareness: don't forget to check: Help beat sarcoma

May be you recall reading the launching of help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon on November 18th 2008?
For those who don't, here a little summary: One of my friend Nathalie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: sarcoma. A cancer that doesn't get much public attention. With her support I launched help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon or how to share your Sunday brunch for a good cause. The idea is to raise awareness, and why not also donations, about this cause on internet, but a joyous way. And what more joyous than sharing a good meal! To participate don't forget to check here the rules here.
After weeks of uncertainty: nobody shared anything on help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon, I proud to let you know that Marie from Yummy!! is the first one to participate with a delicious pink pralines brownie. Read her participation here. Thanks Marie :-)

Who's next? Waiting for your delicious entries!

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