Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yamayu Santatsu, Luxembourg

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Recently I was starved for ... sushis, and I needed relief.

Sushi is an art we don't practice at home, we tried but it almost ended up in a messy divorce :-)
As you may know we moved in Luxembourg area in August 2008, we met new friends and tried to go out but we're still not aware of all the hot spots of Luxembourg.
We did some researches before landing in the Grand Duchy area. We owned 2 handful books: Living in Luxembourg, edited by the American Women Society in Luxembourg (Thanks Nury for the gift) and just arrived in Luxembourg. according to the second one Yamayu Santatsu was THE sushi place / Japanese restaurant in Luxembourg. We did tried this address back in 2008 fall when a dear Californian friend of mine visited us (2 generations back her family was already Californian, rare in such an immigration land). Back then we were already dissapointed: service was cold, almost rude and sushi-wise it was decent.

Last week I was in desperate need for sushis and didn't know any others addresses in Luxembourg to calm my addiction.
You may think, well why she's complaining? wasn't she warned? As I'm well aware that Luxembourg is a tiny country far from any seas or oceans and with more cows on its soil that banks (yes it's possible), I wanted to give an other chance to Yamayu Santatsu. And again we were deeply disappointed.
Waiters are unpleasant, haughty and ill-mannered. Don't even dare to ask questions about your order, at your own risk. It's so slow to get food on the table that I was thinking they may send the sushis to Fuji mount to have them blessed or something ...
Plates are chipped! With the prices they are charging they may invest in new ones.
Decoration is minimalist, worthy of the best of Brezhnev era, nothing look like Japanese.

The "best" for the end, let's talk about the food. Sushis quality is very poor, sushis and makis arrived on lukewarm rice !!

Price: expensive.

We won't be back!

Now we are in the look for a great sushi joint in Luxembourg, any good address to share?


Elra said...

Oh that is too bad. Good that you give them a second chance. I would normally just stop going if the first impression was bad.

Asiren said...

Shame you didn't like it. Normally they are good, and the sushi is probably still the best in Lux. (But that bar is not exactly high...!)
Service has improved much in the last year; the waiters actually smile!

However, possible alternatives are:
Miyako in Limpertsberg, which has very friendly service and good quality fish. (Also has uni regularly in winter.)
Clubhaus near Bambesch, which has great value for money, though quality has dropped slightly recently. (Hashimoto gone to Ikki, & they're training new chef I assume!)
Ikki in Clausen, run by Hashimoto himself.

Ones to avoid are:
Gong in Kirchberg, they don't even flavour the rice! (Well, didn't when I was there last. Someone might have taught them that by now.)
Aka on Place d'Armes, the fish was all prepared WAY in advance (nearly warm! Scallops were so fishy I was nearly sick.) as were the rolls, so the spider rolls were soggy instead of crunchy. Yuk. (Surprising, as it's run by the same people as Clubhaus and Ikki.)

Hope you find good sushi in Africa!
Good hunting!

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