Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DIY! Cardboard kitty pad

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I'm not turning into Martha Stewart (I'm not that pretentious! she's the one and only one Martha), but I grew up with a crafts talented mom. BTW she a newcomer to the blogging world you can now follow her creations on Design by Suzanne.

Making home-made stuffs is rewarding and cost saving too. In those stormy times every pennies count!
Are you fed-up with your fury friend scratching your sofa/curtains/chairs? You can buy a scratch pad, but you can also, for free, make one with the empty card boxes lying in your garage.

I'm just a copycat, I found this brilliant idea on a great blog about everything design: Design Sponge. I did follow the instructions here, and it's just SO easy, not to mention that I was proud of myself :-)

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