Sunday, February 15, 2009

6th share your Sunday brunch entry!

Note: French version is on my other food blog: La cuisine de Babeth

help beat sarcoma

Rare cancer awareness:
don't forget to check: Help beat sarcoma

Cancer sucks! With such an opening line I could easily win any beauty pageant, even without long legs like Gisele Bundchen or plumpy Angelina Jolie lips. Isn't that way wittier than the usual "world peace"?

Anyway in association with we host a campaign on the web: "share your Sunday brunch for a good cause". We are well aware that won't change the world but it shows that we care and we may also raise some funds (adsense has been implemented on the dedicated blog and you can find a direct link for donations).

One of my friend Nathalie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: sarcoma. A cancer that doesn't get much public attention. With her support I launched help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon or how to share your Sunday brunch for a good cause. The idea is to raise awareness, and why not also donations, about this cause on internet, but a joyous way. And what more joyous than sharing a good meal! To participate don't forget to check here the rules here.

After David Leibovitz's light and fluffy spinach cake: check his participation to help-beat-sarcoma-a-thon here. and Cuisine Métisse is sharing with us a very British brunch idea: eggs bacon muffins, it's Vanessa who shares with us her express boiled eggs over bread taosts.

Who's next? Waiting for your delicious entries!

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