Saturday, February 14, 2009

Overdose of pink ...

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Where am I heading to? I’m going to churn out a post about February 14th… about Valentine’s day. No no I wasn’t brainwashed in pink. The sheer idea Valentine’s day makes me shrug in despair, it’s just a commercial event to sell more flowers and chocolate. They don’t fool me. I can’t stand it:

-when you’re single it’s just a mean mirror of stupid-cute couples, making a fuss about giving and receiving flowers and chocolates. And God, all those fussy almost tacky pink heart-shaped decorations in every single shop? It’s way worst in the US.

-and when you have that someone special, either you’re on the same line no overpriced flowers or chocolates just because they say so. You cannot go out for dinner or you will be attacked by pearly pink decorations. Or if you have the bad luck –very bad- to be with a lover of pinky-pearly-hearts, ouch … That happened to me once. I should have run away and avoid a terrible free fall. Yep someone served me the red rose petals scattered all over the apartment and a fussy dinner. Since he dumped me by text message shortly after, now I can say thanks to his boorishness:

-I dieted for free right before the summer that year

-I did go out more often and I met great people

-I took more acting classes

-I met Mathieu and we got married

But let’s go back to our subject here: who was Saint Valentine anyway? What did he do to deserve such a pinky-heart shaped torrent? Well he loved human beings but his life story is pretty sad. He lived at the 1st century in Rome and was beheaded by the emperor Claude the second. Pretty gloomy isn’t it?

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