Monday, March 9, 2009

Kitchen nightmares, mathematical nightmares for Gordon

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Breaking news:
Who doesn't know the "infamous chef" aka Gordon Ramsay, the only British chef who is possible to follow on the Michelin stars of Joël Robuchon and Alain Ducasse.
Infamous chef is how journalists re-christened Gordon after his hit TV show: Hells' Kitchen, and not me (Gordon, no need to catch the first Eurostar to kick my ass).
I prefer to watch Kitchen nightmares, where Gordon is my more a Robin Hood of lousy and disgusting UK restaurants. He taught them how to cook decent, even good, food and be profitable.
The good news is that Gordon hasn't lose his cooking gift but has an accounting problem. A £10.5 million tiny problem. Gordon Ramsay Holdings, the holding is charge of worldwide Gordon's activities couldn't pay the overdraft at the bank at the end of the financial year ... oops ... Thanks God, Gordon was able to secure a new, more important, overdraft with the Royal Bank of Scotland.
But with the crisis, even recession, all over the place 2009 will be tough for City's restaurants, Gordon's ones included. No more lavish corporate parties or enormous clients entertainment in London, Dubai or NY.
Be strong Gordy! You can survive this recession.

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