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Orange juice glazed prawns

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orange juice shrimps / crevettes au jus d'orange

Before revealing to the world wild web the 8th entry to share your brunch for a good cause, let's help beat sarcoma, here the story of a recipe that started like a lab trial and became a classic in my kitchen.
I grew up in Nantes, and after lived near the Pacific ocean and lately near the Mediterranean sea, so do I have to mention that fishes or other seafood and me we're deeply in love?

Ah simply prawns and home-made mayonnaise ... sorry I was daydreaming ...

Let's go back to our raviolis for a second, or for what matters this morning: the genesis of a recipe. While waiting for a TGV for one of my frequent trips to Paris, I was browsing Elle (the French issue, a bit different from the US or UK version: it's weekly published and at the end there's always 4 cooking record cards). One of those fashionable recipes grabs my attention: orange juice sauce on top of grilled eggplants.Even if the mixed of flavor grilled eggplants and orange juice sauce doesn't appeal me, the sauce intrigues me by it composition and easiness. So I reached in my purse for my moleskin and scribbled the sauce recipe. Then days later some gorgeous prawns were flirting with me from the fishmonger 's stall at Thionville farmers market. That's when the orange juice sauce arises in my mind.
"Be proud, prawns you will be served with orange juice !" I shouted (silently, I didn't want to end up in a psychiatric hospital!).
That's how I came up with this: orange juice glazed prawns recipe.

One more thing before the recipe. You may have notice the photoshoped look of the picture. The original picture was taken at night under yellow lights. The before (avant in French) / after (après in French) pictures bellow:

For the "not to bad result" (according solely to me) here the detailed steps in Photoshop:
Menu > Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels (to brighten)
Menu > Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance (playing with colors the pictures revive a bit)
Then Menu > Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels (to brighten one more time, this step is needed at the end. Even brightening more the 1st step won't give the same result)

Orange juice glazed prawns recipe: (for 2)
For the sauce:
- 1/4 to 1/3 cup of orange juice
- 2 tbs of olive oil (evoo)
- 1 small glove of garlic

The prawns:
about 8 per person, prepared (shelled and deveined)
a dash of grape seed oil

1- In a small pot bring to a simmer the orange juice, olive oil and chopped garlic.
2- Heat a dash of grape seed oil in a wok. When hot add the prawns, reduce heat to medium.
3- When the prawns abdomen opens out, they're ready.
4- Add the orange juice sauce in the wok. Let it glazed for 2 minutes.
5- Served, with for example curcuma colored rice.

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Joe Demanuele said...

Will try these this evening. But i don't have tiger prawns. Will try these with fresh king prawns caught locally.

As regards photoshop, may I give you a hint? I am a photographer and most photos just need a SHIFT + CTRL + L. It works most of the time and teher is no need to mess with layers for such a simple job :-) But if you are fastidious about colours I would suggest using the colour picker to 'tell' photoshop that the plate is white (I am assuming that the plate is pure white and not cream)and then using that as a basis for good colour balance.

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