Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love your leftovers!

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Galette de purée / Mashed potatoes burger style

Why should we love our leftovers?
1- wasting food cost a lot of money and especially in this economy where everybody is stretching every dime the following tips aren't harmless.
2- accommodating leftovers is eco-friendly. Trying to make the best of every ingredients will save you some trips to the grocery store to fill your fridge, and will effectively reduce transportation pollution.
3- using them is like using semi home made, easy and quick diner's fixes!

Leftovers should not be a punishment nor dull, here my 2 cents on the subject.
First you should have some containers to store them.
I try not to use plastic or aluminum wraps (too much wastes) and I tend to use less and less plastic sealed containers (like tupperware). Most of plastic boxes include BPA in their composition. BPA (aka bisphenol A) is suspected to be hazardous for humans.What really sadden me is that there's BPA in baby bottles.
To store my leftovers I either use a bowl with a plate on top, but not the best to manage fridge inventory ... Here where my Mum comes to the rescue ;-) a while ago she gave me some Pyrex containers. Pyrex implies glass, so no BPA and no pasta sauce tainting tupperwares.
Boites Pyrex / Pyrex containers
Note: use refrigerated leftovers within 4 days.

So let talk about how to customize leftovers for the sole pleasure of your palate.
-pasta: macaroni & cheese style, or cold salads
-rice: salads, or reheat with a splash of olive oil in a pan (will become crunchy, so yummy!)
-veggies: recycle them in gratin
-quinoa: salad or vegetarian burger
-meat: cold with strong Dijon mustard, in hachis-parmentier
-mash potatoes: flaky cakes

Recipe for mashed potatoes flaky cakes:

- mashed potatoes leftovers (home-made or not)
- some all-purpose flour
- chives
- Comté cheese, or any Gruyere
- salt and pepper

1- Wash under running water 2 chives blades. Cut them thinly and mix with mashed potatoes and some salt and pepper, with your fingers (or a fork if you don't like dirty work)
2- Pour 2 tablespoons of flour in a soup plate.
3- Roll in your palms mashed potatoes balls (as big as eggs).
4- Then roll them carefully in the flour, and flatten them.
5- Make a whole with your thumb, place inside a small cheese cube. Them cover it.
6- Heat some oil in a pan, when hot cook 4 minutes on each side.

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