Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video recipe: Babeth and her caramel cupcakes!

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Babeth and her caramel cupcakes

After a teasing and the making-off story of my 4th cooking video, I received a lot of messages asking me when the video would be released. Well I'm proud to announce that the video is now online! To watch it just click on it above.
For autographed pictures just ask my agent: Philips, sense and simplicity :-)
No! I'm kidding! I don't have an agent, and am still a normal woman cooking and blogging for fun. And I'm not considering myself a chef nor an expert, just in love with food.

Anyway I'm always really happy when they ask me to shot an other video with them. Many it's many years of acting, but I'm always really interested in the work behind 2 minutes clip, and respectful for all the hard workers on set.

For the making-off story, just follow this link!

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For caramel cupcakes recipe, just follow this link!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Sympa cette vidéo! Tes cupcakes me donnent bien envie!



Babeth said...

@Rosa: thanks :-)

Danny said...

Sound delicious :) Will have to try myself!

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