Monday, June 15, 2009

Kitchenaid sale starting June 16th!

Note: You prefer Oulala? Read this post on my French blog: La cuisine de Babeth

Who never dreamed about having a Kitchenaid Artisan? Well let me share with you a great bargain deal! Tomorrow June 16th starting at 7AM on vente-privée they will sale Kitchenaid appliances at outlet prices!
I know with this economy everyone is stretching every dime, but being careful doesn't mean you cannot indulge great products at discount prices!

To take advantage of those bargains you need to be a member, and it's only on invitation. Well you will tell me, great but how I can get a VIP invitation? Simple! Just click here I'm inviting you :-)
They ship to France, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy!

So see you tommorow at 7am in front of your computer?


Anonymous said...

Hi Babeth,

Thank you so much for the vente privee invitation, I just enrolled!
Cheers, Jennifer

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It is my dream to possess a KA!



Babeth said...

@Jennifer: you're welcome :-)

@Rosa: mine too !

Elra said...

Wow the red color is so beautiful on that mixer.

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