Monday, June 1, 2009

Smell and lick!

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Elle à table 10ans

Or why it does smell good in my purse!

I was a long time subscriber to Elle à table (the food edition of the French Elle magazine) and kept carefully recipe's cards cut out Elle weekly edition. (Note: Elle the fashion magazine, it's available in French, English (US, UK, New Zealand ...), German, Russian, Japanese and so one. In most places it's solely a monthly fashion magazine but in France Elle is actually published weekly, with 4 detachable recipes cards at the end.) Last May (read the full story here) the love story got tainted. At that time they changed the layout and the pictures were dull. Few issues passed and pictures started to become mouth-watering again (important in the appealing process with food).

Anyway Elle à table celebrates their 10th birthday! Happy Birthday !! A great publishing success as well as a chic but not too stiff magazine!

To celebrate in style with the magazine you have a free booklet with 50 spring recipes and a perfumed cover! Yes a perfumed cover, it smells cotton candy or a bit like perfumed rubber I used to collect in my young teenage age.

Cherry on top a 20000 euros sweepstake is organized, check it out!

timbre chocolat

One more thing for chocolate lovers. It also smell chocolate in my purse. The French post office publish a 10 stamps booklet that look like a chocolate bar and smell like chocolate!
I'm sure you will lick those stamps with appetite!


Dr. Davon Jacobson, MD said...

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Nani Steele said...

How do you think we can buy these stamps from afar? I love this, so quirky and so French. Just came across your blog through David Liebovitz. My stepmother is from outside of Nice, and lives here in America, but I know she'll want to pick them up when she visits next month. Best of luck blogging and working from home–especially from the sunny south of France. I'm jealous!

Babeth said...

@Nani: I can send some to you if you want to? Or I'm sure your stepmother can buy some at Nice postoffice ;-)

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