Thursday, June 11, 2009

wild asparagus / asperges sauvages

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Wild asparagus are in season later in Eastern part of France (Lorraine / Luxembourg) compare to South of France were they are ready be enjoyed mid February / March. In Provence you can either find them in the nature - but not easy to unearth -, or at farmers market -where they are very expensive (almost same price as an Hermes scarf). Until recently I was convinced that wild asparagus (asperges sauvages in French) were only growing all around the Mediterranean Basin. Few weeks ago I was really surprised coming across some fresh asperges sauvages at Thionville's farmers market, and even more surprised when asking the farmers from where in Provence they were from he replied " M'am they're from Lorraine!"


Those little palate's bounty are usually accomodated in France with a little vinaigrette (steamed them for 4minutes, then cool them under cold water and add your favorite vinaigrette) or with scrumbled eggs -brouillade- (simply stir them with your scrmbled eggs).

In kitchen they got married to scallops, and served with bulgur.

Ingredients: (serving 2)
-about 10 wild asparagus
-1 red bell pepper
-10 scallops
-salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

1- Rinse the asparagus under running water, if needed trim the tough lower edge. Cut them in small sections.
2- Rinse the bell pepper under running water, remove the seeds and cut in thin strips.
3- Warm some butter in a pan, stir fry the asparagus, bell pepper and scallops for few minutes.
4- Add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

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