Friday, March 19, 2010

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God I have a new girly pink fashion accessory ... a cast. I wish I had a fantastic story to tell you about it, like something I fell from an elephant or a giraffe. But nothing like that I must confess. Just the consequence of a stupid accident. I tripped from a chair while hanging local baskets on my dining room wall. Baskets I haggled like a pro - meaning like an African - at Kimironko market.

Have a look at my triumphant exit from King Faisal Hospital ER, in Kigali

Anyway for those of you who live in France you still have few days to participate to Pyrex and La cuisine de Babeth St Patrick giveaway.

What to do? Prepare a dish, a green one and has to be yummy of course! Pots the result in the comment section.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My life in the land of a thousand hills (aka Rwanda)

God I know I'm a bad blogger. I've been abandoning you guys for the last few months. Let me offer you my deepest apology, I flatten as a souffle out of the oven for too long in shame. Anyway I have a "good enough" reason: we moved! Yes again ;-) Well, it's not just a new city, or a new country but a new continent we now call home! Life brought us to Rwanda, Africa. Rwanda is a tiny country called the land of a thousand hills, cozy located in East Africa not far from the equator.

collage rwanda

At first, I wasn't so thrilled to move to Rwanda. Understand me, where I was living before that move, we didn't get much news from Rwanda, expect 1994 genocide linked one. But almost 16 years after French journalists were silent about reconciliations, changes well you know life!

Life in Kigali, Rwanda is certainly different, but Kigali's life is sweet, safe and the city is SO clean!

Do I have to mention that my cooking will take and African turn and be spiced up ?
Stay tuned for more adventures!

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