Sunday, June 13, 2010

A snapshot of Kigali ...

Did you miss me? A little bit, I hope ;-) I've been caught by everyday life stuff, chore even faster. That's why I don't blog much. Don't get me wrong, a lot of yummy dishes get out of my oven, and my palate experiment quite often, but internet is so slow here in Kigali. It's like back in 1992 without the grrrrrrrbiiiip annoying modem sound (but same snail speed!). On top of that I just started as a lecturer at Kigali's University (and it's more a professor job, without the paycheck, because I have to prepare all my lectures from ... scratch). Preparing lectures' notes, exercises and tests are time consuming. Not that I'm complaining to have an interesting job ;-)

I will try to be more devoted to you, my readers. I will try to bring you with my in my African adventures, discovering and been blown away by colors, odors and local people.

Today no recipe, but a snapshot of Kigali street's life. Enjoy the beautiful ladies and their colorful pagnes.

Kigali ladies

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