Saturday, October 16, 2010

Such a sad news, the food blog scene is mourning

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A nasty illness took Micky away.

I had the great privilege to meet her back in 2008, in Paris while shooting a video with French chef Cyril Lignac.
She was exuding joie de vivre and kindness. And she was expressing all those in her pop and colorful make-up. I remember that day in Paris, where we were invited to shoot a cooking video, she re-did her make-up because according to her it was too pale. And she was right all of us ended up having the same make-up as Greek tragedian, way too pale!

As it was said here, I'm pretty sure that she's already in charge of the Heaven's kitchen.

To keep her memory still vivid, please browse her marvelous food blog: Le Jardin des Délices.
And why not doing like Requia, cooking one of her recipe.

All my thoughts are going to Math, her beloved husband and her family.

See you Micky!


Deeba PAB said...

How sad this is. May Micky RIP.
Sigh ...

lamb recipes said...

MMM, this looks delish! Just added to my recipe repository of things I need to try asap! Thanks for sharing!

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